Women in Product

Women in Product

It has been proven that networking and mentorship can enhance any career, no matter what department or industry. With this in mind, MA tech consultant Harvina Tang set out to create a group of like-minded female professionals who could motivate each other and begin to tackle the issue of Gender Balance in Technology. From various discussions and brainstorming meetings, ‘Women in Product’ was born.

Product Managers and professionals within Product are responsible for the management of projects and ensuring the success of the final product. This role requires high levels of organisation, drive and determination to ensure the follow through of the strategy and roadmap of the project. Product, not unlike other areas of tech, also struggles with Gender Balance.

The issue of Gender Balance within Product was brought to the attention of Harvina in 2018 and she took action. Along with another founding member, Harvina sought to create an open space where each member got maximum value from the meetings and seminars held.

Women in Tech partnered with the Lean In Organisation, founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, in order to structure meetings and define the goals and values of the Women in Product Group. As a Lean in “Circle” they created a community of female Product Managers who defined their mission statement as “to empower women in Product to grow and become the best versions of themselves”.

The core principals of the group have remained the same since its creation in 2018:

  • Confidentiality
    • Trust is crucial, what happens in the circle should stay in the circle
  • Community
    • Commit to share openly and honestly –and listen with empathy
  • Commitment
    • Everyone should be invested in your Circle’s success and be fully present at meetings


The purpose of the meetings is to:

  • Discuss topical subjects, which are decided on by members before the meeting
  • Share advice. Members vary in age and experience so learning from each other is vital
  • Share experience. The Women in Product Network is an open space where female Product Managers can voice a concern or problem that they may have and receive advice and guidance from the other members.


The Women in Product Network has grown to become a strong centre of knowledge sharing for the members of the group. The group encourages members to build relationships, seek mentoring and build confidence to ensure they are well equipped with the tools and information to thrive in the Product space.

If you would like to learn more about the group, contact Harvina today:

Harvina Tang

Consultant – Technology