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Temping services
Mason Alexander provides temporary staffing solutions for Ireland’s leading companies. Whether it’s to cover a particularly busy period, a specific project, or parental leave, we give our clients quick and easy access to extra manpower – so they have extra staff when they need them, and not when they don’t. And we handle all the paperwork, too.

Thinking about temping?
Short-term and flexible, enabling you to earn extra income while gaining new skills and making connections in new sectors, there are lots of compelling reasons to temp. And Mason Alexander will handle everything on your behalf, so all you need to worry about is turning up on time.

Contracting services
Working across a broad range of sectors and industries, our Contracting services ensure our clients have access to people with skillsets that may not exist within their organisation, often for specific projects requiring specialist experience.

Thinking of becoming a contractor?
Contracting is a great way to take control of your own destiny. It enables you to put your expertise to real use, so you become a valuable member of a team, but without the obligations of permanent employment. It can also act as a stepping stone if you’re transitioning between careers or if you’re looking to gain further experience in a particular industry. Mason Alexander will arm you with the information you need to ensure you’re fully prepared to enter the world of contracting. And we’ll provide you with access to the right tax experts, too.

Interested in becoming a temp or contractor?
Send your CV into hello@masonalexander.ie and we’ll tell you what we could do for you.

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