Tech Hiring Insights from Q1

As expected, Brexit is having a major effect on the candidate market. A number of companies working in Investments, Financial Services and Asset Management have moved to Ireland and firms are actively recruiting.


There has been a shift in clients looking for software developers with a good knowledge of cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms. Proficient knowledge of integrating their developments to cloud platforms is often a requirement.

This month’s market focus is Java experts in Ireland. The MA hiring demand for this category is very high.

– There are 7,780 Java Experts working in Ireland
– 13% moved jobs in the last 12 months
– Only 14% of Java experts in Ireland are female compared to 86% male
– The average tenure for Java experts is 1.5 years


There are a number of factors candidates are looking at when they are searching for a new role:

Team structure – Candidates want to know who they will be working with and whether they will have access to senior stakeholders and decision makers. Candidates value learning from senior stakeholders and decision makers and want be involved in the future direction of where the project, technology and company are going.

Culture – Candidates are looking for a good culture fit. They want to work on a team that they can interact and communicate well on.

Clear Pathway – Candidates are looking for clear guidelines in terms of what they are trying to deliver and achieve.

Work/Life Balance – Candidates want a healthy work life balance.

Remote Working or Flexible Hours – Is becoming a sought after benefit for many candidates as some organisations do not offer this.

Technology – The technology a candidate will be working with is often factored higher than salary. Candidates want to be working with the latest technologies in order to learn and progress their career.

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