Meet Associate Director Nikki McNally!

Nikki Recruitment

Hi Nikki,

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I graduated from DIT with a degree in Retail Services management which was essentially a business degree. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do career wise, but I knew I couldn’t sit behind a computer all day every day! I liked socialising and dealing with people so from there I went into Hospitality and worked for a small boutique hotel and restaurant here in Dublin. I worked there for almost 2 years. My job was a bit of everything to be honest; front of house, events manager, waitressing and even cleaning the rooms! I loved the fast-pace environment and the constant interaction with people!

From there, I decided to move to Australia for the year and go travelling. I loved it! I lived and worked in Sydney and Melbourne for most of the year and then travelled home through South America.    Globe Recruitment

When I arrived back in Dublin, the recession had hit Dublin bad so I decided it was time to emigrate to London.

Again, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. A couple of people had mentioned recruitment to me, but I didn’t really know what it was or entailed, especially agency recruitment. I spoke to a couple of people about it and then decided this was the route for me. I secured a role with a large international recruitment firm in London.

I was really excited but also extremely nervous as I was going to be recruiting accountants and to be honest, I had no clue about the industry or what an accountant even did! Soon enough I realised you don’t need to know that, you learn that on the job.

Moving to a new country and starting in a new career can be overwhelming, but I just put my head down and stuck to it. It was a huge learning curve. I worked in London for 3 years recruiting Accounting and Finance professionals across the financial services space. I loved London, but I was ready for a new challenge.

Plane Recruitment Nikki I put my hand up to move to another country with the firm I worked for and was transferred to the big apple.

What can I say about NYC. It was crazy! Such a great experience – it literally is the city that never sleeps! I worked there for 3 years, got promoted twice and had great a time too. I always said I would give it 3 years and then revaluate what I wanted to do. Stay or go.

I decided it was time to come home. At this stage, I had been away from Ireland for almost 7 years and I felt I was ready to see what Dublin had to offer.

I am now back at home working for Mason Alexander and I love it. I love living back in Dublin, the buzz is immense!
I was initially nervous about recruiting in Dublin as when I left Dublin 7 years ago the market wasn’t strong and people were being let go from their jobs.

But, to my surprise, the market here is just as busy as London or NYC an there is such a great atmosphere!

What was one thing about the recruitment industry that surprised you the most?

The amount of money you can make in it.

I didn’t really know this going into it, but if you do well in this job, you really do see the results.

What do you think makes a good recruiter?

Have passion, work smart and don’t forget to have fun!

Can you give us some insight into your market?                                                                                            

I recruit Finance and Accounting roles within Financial Services – it is a good market and has a lot of potential with Brexit. I also cover Aircraft Leasing which seems to dominate the Dublin market!

Tell us something surprising about your market

Aircraft leasing in Dublin is like the Investment Banking world in London and NYC.

What does a typical day at MA look like for you?

Busy! Which I like. One day I could be in and out of meetings all day. Meeting candidate and clients. Other days could involve going to events and desk work. Every day is different, which I love!

Shaking Hands Recruitment Nikki      Favourite MA tradition?

I love the hand shake tradition – I think it is brilliant! Every morning when you arrive to the office you have to go around and shake every individuals hand which immediately makes you feel engaged and in good form!

What would you say is the best thing about working in MA?

The people – we all get on great and want each other to succeed.

What, in your opinion, sets MA apart from the competition?

I sound like a broken record saying this, but the people. Everyone that works at Mason Alexander is genuine, they want the best for people and are more focussed on building relationships then making a quick buck!

Would you recommend MA to friends/colleagues? Why?

Absolutely! Having worked for another agency and in different countries, I can genuinely say that Mason Alexander is different. I loved my time in the other agency and the opportunities they gave me, but it is just different here, in a good way. No matter what level you are, your input is heard and 9/10 times, it is implemented. It is an unbelievable feeling when your work is so valued by the company you work for. Yes, Mason Alexander is smaller than the other agency, but our Managing Director Andrew really does listen to everyone and takes everyone’s ideas on board which is great. You also get a lot more autonomy in MA that you would not get in other agencies.

What opportunities have come your way since joining MA?

To grow out the Financial Services market and in the last month, I have been given the challenge to grow out the Aircraft leasing desk which is very exciting!

What is your top tip to success?                                                                                                                    

Build relationships. Meet anyone and everyone!

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Work smart not hard!

Which living person do you most admire? Why?

My Mum, cheesy I know, but she really is someone I look up to a lot.

What would your superpower be?

Hmmmm – to be able to zap myself to hotter climates!!

Biggest Achievement?

Succeeding in New York. The market and city is so cut throat that you need to have a lot of resilience. It was tough at the start, but I just put my head down and went for it.

Apple New York Recruitment

Ideal CV – One page or two?
2 pages

Do it now or do it later?


Describe your career to date in three words

Challenging, exciting and fun

Call or email?


Favourite social media platform?

Biggest turnoff on a CV?

Too long and not to the point

Quote you live by?

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

Favourite part of the working week?

Hump day!


If you are looking for any Finance and Accounting roles within Financial Services OR Aircraft Leasing roles you can contact Nikki on:


(01) 685 4414