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Growth + Digital: Mark Kelly

The technology desk in Mason Alexander has grown from strength to strength. Over the last year MA Tech has grown ...
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Corporate Development

Role Review: Corporate Development

What is Corporate Development: Corporate Development is a team mandated to execute on a company’s expansion strategy and support critical ...
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How to Make Your Organisation an Advocate of Diversity – ThinkHRX

As the global consumer base becomes increasingly diverse, organisations that promote and embrace diversity will enjoy greater overall success. Globalisation ...
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senior appointments

Senior Appointments in Dublin: Claire Prendiville

Since joining Mason Alexander, Claire Prendiville has made a huge impression upon her colleagues, clients and candidates. Claire is an ...
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Role Review: Financial Controller

What is a Financial Controller: A financial controller is head of accounting and is responsible for managing all finance and ...
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The Irish Legal Landscape: Megan Shannon

The legal landscape in Ireland is changing. With the introduction of more international firms to Dublin, the hunt is on ...
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Workplace Inclusion

3 Ways Technology Promotes Workplace Inclusion – Think HRX

Luckily, more and more of us are recognising how vital inclusivity in the workplace is for business success and creating ...
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Role Review: Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A Analyst)

What is Financial Planning and Analysis: The objective of a member of the FP&A team is to provide senior management ...
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Ageism in the Workplace: How to stop it before it starts

Ageism in the workplace has often been an underdiscussed subject. It is an issue that many have faced and few ...
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HR Tech Trends

Two Leading HR Tech Trends and what they mean to you – ThinkHRX

Blockchain HR departments have access to huge amounts of data every day, calling for the need or a better system ...
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Financial accountant

Role Review: Financial Accountant

What is a Financial Accountant? The traditional role of a Financial Accountant is to record, summarise and report on the ...
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NQ solicitor

How to make the transition from Trainee to Newly Qualified Solicitor

  Completing your solicitor qualification is a significant career milestone for all legal professionals, however it can often lead to ...
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