Introducing COEN Recruitment


Today marks the launch of COEN Recruitment. After months of planning and market research we are delighted to announce that COEN Recruitment are entering the Irish market with a fresh strategy that challenges the traditional recruitment models.

Mason Alexander CEO Andrew Lynch and COEN National Manager Ciaran Carr have come together to embark on a mission to bring a game changing approach to the Irish Construction Recruitment sector.

Ciaran recently returned from the UK having spent the past 7 years working with one of the UK’s top Construction recruitment firms. He specialises in white collar placements but has a vast knowledge of the blue collar recruitment space having started off his career supplying workers across London. Ciaran is ready to take his experience and energy to the Irish Market and work to change the face of Construction recruitment.

Andrew Lynch commented:

“The construction sector is going through massive challenges in the supply of talent and we have felt for a long time that there is a big opportunity to find solutions to this problem. Through new process, technology, marketing and structure, we are going to bring something very new and exciting to the industry.

We are very fortunate to have someone of Ciaran Carr’s experience and ability to head up this new venture and I have every faith that he is going to deliver on all the things we are setting out to do.”

With the shortage of skilled staff in the industry, the importance of hiring through a trusted agency is paramount. We plan on identifying areas where there are skills shortages, and making sure these gaps are plugged by sourcing the best of staff and workers. We guarantee to make the hiring experience as smooth as possible for all parties involved.



Who we Are:

Coen Recruitment was set up with the view to providing an unparalleled level of service to both clients and candidates in the construction sector.

Our aim is to build solid working relationships through creating the best customer experience in the market.

We plan to tackle the growing demand for workers and staff in the Irish Construction Sector over the coming years through innovation and technological changes to how we approach recruiting in the sector.


What We Do:

We specialise in permanent and temporary placement of blue and white collar staff in the construction sector.

With dedicated account managers we oversee the recruitment process from inception to completion.

We work in partnership with our clients, keeping them informed of recruitment trends, forecast of shortages, as well as the best recruitment processes out there, to ensure the delivery of the right staff at the right time in a cost effective manner.

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