Change Management Event

Mason Alexander were delighted to partner with the Change Management Institute of Ireland to host a networking evening and panel discussion on “Change in times of uncertainty and disruption”. The change management professional is undergoing a lot of change in Ireland at the moment. Lead by international example, change management specific roles are becoming more visible and widely spread. What was once seen as a trait that many project managers would simply combine with their role, change management is now maturing and becoming more widely acknowledged as an individual role.

The evening kicked off with an intro from Mason Alexander Senior Principal James Bowles. James discussed how constantly working on building a strong network can assist in a time of disruption:

“Don’t wait to build your network – it is something you should include in your daily, weekly and monthly planning. You could find that when you really need a network, it may be too late to build a network. Your network is something that you should work on all the time as you will find that when it comes to change management in disruption your network is a very powerful tool.”


The panel included Chief Communications and Marketing Officer in Ervia, Orlaith Blaney; International Transformation Leader, Sharon Nannetti and Head of Talent Management & HR in the Hermitage Medical Clinic, Keith McCarthy. Here are the key takeaways that were discussed by each panellist:


Keith McCarthy

Head of Talent Management & HR in the Hermitage Medical Clinic

  • Don’t follow the “flat-earthers”, make sure you know all the information before you make any changes.
  • Your title isn’t your full role – almost everybody can be a change agent.
  • Value free consulting. Tap into the talent of your organisation before looking externally. Use your internal workforce, customers, partners, focus groups.
  • Be informed. Collate feedback on your product/service. Ask questions like “what do you think this needs?” “what do you think about what we are doing?”
  • Nominate change agents. A change agent will be a cheerleader for the changes that are being made. The change should be impacting the change agents themselves and they should have a team around them that they are assigned to walk through the change process.


Orlaith Blaney

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer in Ervia

  • Communication is key! Orlaith explained that too often at the end of a programme or initiative, people mention that communication needed to be better going forward. Communication should be right from the start. Think ahead to what could happen and put a plan of action in place should this happen.
  • The importance of trust. People must trust the change makers. You must answer the employees most cherished questions
  • Two-way communication. It’s OK to say you don’t know – just make sure your communication is clear.
  • Tell stories Face to Face and FAST and in a timely way, avoid leaks and rumour mill getting out ahead of you. If the rumour mill is already in action, you have waited too long to communicate.
  • Why do people leak classified information?
    • People spread rumours when there’s uncertainty
    • People spread rumours when they feel anxiety
    • People spread rumours when the information is important
    • People spread rumours when they believe the information
    • People spread rumours when it helps their self-image


Sharon Nannetti

International Transformation Leader

  • Don’t be blinded by the technology – focus on the overall solution. Transformation is an end to end people process.
  • Metrics – KPIs and metrics are key during transformations/programmes to track progress and benefits – with these you can communicate effectively to stakeholders and people being affected by the programme because you need to bring them on the journey.
  • Don’t wait until the end to see how well you did – use customer satisfaction/on-boarding to constantly track and make improvements along the way.
  • If you’re not making any improvement stop and ask why? Track benefits and see the reasons why you’re making the changes.


Fintan Taite provided live visual notes throughout which was a great addition to the evening and praised by attendees!


Are you interested in attending our next event? Contact James Bowles today!